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Dak Hatfield, CCIM, PMP


Mr. Hatfield has over 15 years of professional experience in real estate investment, property development and large scale project management. He is regarded as one of the most innovative and resourceful developers in the industry by combining his deep technical expertise with a creative approach to maximizing value for his clients. Founded in 2005, Hatfield Properties, a commercial real estate brokerage, development and investment company, has development projects and investments throughout the US and specializes in locating opportunities, comprising strategic development plans & structures, analyzing projects, and management through all development stages.

Seth Mullins

Vice President

Seth S. Mullins serves as Vice President of Hatfield Properties, an independent, full service commercial real estate company. Seth has 10+ years of real estate experience which includes market analysis, financial modeling, land transactions, investment sales and development with a geographic focus that centers on the Texas real estate market and specifically the Dallas - Fort Worth metropolitan area. He also provides services to his clients including strategic planning, consulting, portfolio analysis, brokerage services, expense auditing, and project management.


  • “Dak’s commitment, involvement, and insights into his community have allowed him to use his skills in the development/redevelopment of urban sites. We know and trust Dak to complete his projects in the time frames stated and always within budget.” - Early Davis, President/Fort Worth Division

  • “Dak understands the redevelopment process, and makes sound decisions throughout to complete his projects. Similarly, Dak uses these same skills and energy, working with various groups in the community helping those in need most. Passionate and caring, he puts his best into everything he does and that says something about him….simply put, you can trust him.” - Jeff Davis, Chairman of the Board

  • “I have known Dak both personally and professionally for over 20 years. I have been very pleased as an investor with his transparency, honesty and work ethic on the projects I have been involved in and it has been a pleasure to call him a friend and business partner for many years now.” - Kirk French, Senior Vice President